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Beat Seasonal Allergies, The Green (And Drug-Free) Way

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Summer is fast approaching (and the world heaves a collective sigh of relief), but with the spike in the thermometer's mercury comes a whole lot of pollination. Oh those randy bumble bees, having so much sex with flowers.  It's almost like they're bragging. Bzzz! I'm getting laid all the time! I'll just rub it in your nose, literrally! Hence: allergies.

Antihistamine and allergy medication sales are already following the upward motion of the thermometer, but for many people with a green thumb and green philosophy, resorting to a big-pharma solutions isn't in keeping with their love of nature. Apparently, trace residues of drugstore antihistamines in wastewater and connecting bodies of water have increased.

Ecoholic writer Adria Vasil writes:

“In particular, researchers have detected the cetirizine in Reactine, the acrivastine in Benedryl Allergy Relief and the fexofenadine in Allegra floating out of sewage treatment plants and making their way downstream. What are the enviro ramifications? To be frank, who knows? It has yet to be studied.”

So here are some pharma-free solutions to allergy medications that will keep those sexed-up bees from getting their love-dust all up in your sinuses.

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