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Beadshops Rock But Need To Label Their Beads!

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Beadshops Rock But Need to Label Their Beads  alloy default image jpg

Nothing beats a visit to your local bead store. I was away from home visiting family today, and while my main purpose was to see them, I couldn’t help but stop by their local bead shop for a few much needed supplies. I’m working on a seed bead book now, and I knew they had a really good selection of seed bead.

One thing I’ve noticed, though, and since working on this new book it’s something I never thought of before, is that many retailers don’t label their beads as far as type. Granted, I would bet most shoppers buy by color. Like today, I was trying to find some cool olive greens and golds to use for this jasper cabochon that I’m going to bead around, but when designing pieces that you plan to write about, it’s really frustrating not to know the exact type of bead. Even if I wasn’t someone who purposefully designs pieces so that I could write about, it would be nice to know the name of the bead I’m using so that if I wanted more I could go back and ask for it or order it from another vendor.

Maybe I’m asking too much. I agree that there’s no replacement for buying beads that you can see and touch, but I think if bead shops want to compete with web or catalog vendors this is something they should consider.