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How To Feel Beach-Ready And Body-Confident In Just 30 Minutes

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What if I told you that you can feel beach ready and super confident in just 30 minutes or less? No, I’m not just reciting lines for a cheesy infomercial. It’s actually very possible and even ~science~ can back it up.

You can feel like the hottest and most confident woman in the world on most days, but when it comes time to hit the beach, it’s not uncommon to feel self-conscious or down about your body. It happens to the best of us. Luckily, a recent study has found the ultimate hack to feeling beach ready and body confident in no time.

In a study published by the journal Psychology of Sport and Exercise, researchers from the University of British Columbia in Canada wanted to see how a simple workout can affect women with body image issues. In order to do so, 60 college-aged women were split into two groups. One group participated in a challenging 30-minute cycling workout, while the others spent 30 minutes sitting and reading quietly to themselves. Each woman reported having some kind of body image issue beforehand.

Here’s what the study found:

Women Who Exercised For Just 30 Minutes Felt Significantly Better About Their Bodies

After the 30-minutes were up, women who exercised found a significant increase in body positivity than women who read quietly. As a bonus, the post-workout effects also managed to last over 20 minutes later. So the mood-boosting effects can stay with you for long after your workout is done. Even with just 30 minutes of activity, women already said they felt thinner.

Exercise Can Make Women Feel Strong And Capable

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One of the most important conclusions the researchers made is that exercise can help women feel like they can do anything. Regardless of their mood pre-workout, they always leave it feeling strong and capable. That’s a major confidence booster.

Women’s perceptions of their strength and their body fatness changed during exercise, and statistically we can show that that’s what caused the change in body image,” senior author Kathleen Martin Ginis, professor of health and exercise science told Time. “We all have those days when we don’t feel great about our bodies. Our research shows that one way to feel better, with basically immediate effects, is to get moving.”

For A Good Confidence Booster, Do Workouts Where You Can Demonstrate Strength

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You want to pick exercises that can make you feel strong, meaning a cycling or lifting workiout is definitely your friend pre-beach. It’s all about doing things that you feel require strength and endurance,though, so for each person the ultimate confidence-boosting excercise could be different. Do exercises that challenge you. In doing so, you’ll be feelin’ accomplished because — and this should be no huge shocker — your body is capable of doing some pretty great things.

Exercise has been known to be a total mood-booster. If you’re someone who enjoys working out every day, it’s probably something you already know. But for people who aren’t consistent gym-goers, it’s great to see that only 30 minutes of activity can have some lasting positive affects… especially while we’re in bikini season.

So if you’re heading to the beach and feeling less than confident about yourself, break out the summer playlist and do a quick workout. When you feel amazing, you look amazing, too.