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Baskin-Robbins, Determined To Join The Effort To Kill America, Invents Ice Cream Nachos

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baskin and robbins ice cream nachos

Not to be outdone by the likes of Cinnabon, Burger King, and any other establishment has recently rolled out ridiculously unhealthy food items, ice cream titan Baskin-Robbins has jumped on the gnarly grub bandwagon. Their gut-busting invention? Ice cream nachos.

What are ice cream nachos, you ask? According to Zagat, ice cream nachos is ice cream, which you treat like nachos. I.e., a big drippy mess that is sure to end up spilled and smeared across the backseats of Subaru station wagons across this great, obese nation of ours.

Here's their actual description for Waffle Dippers, as they're actually known:

It's a dollop of soft-serve vanilla ice cream that's topped with M&M's and Snickers pieces, and then served with waffle and brownie chips for dippin'.

Because nothing makes ice cream more appetizing than putting your fingers in it, am I right?

But unlike other fast food joints, Baskin-Robbins has been kind enough to put up the nutritional information for this $2.99 ice cream feast. Though it's unlikely anyone will actually bother to look. If they did, they'd see that, at 500 calories, 55 grams of sugar, and 20 grams of fat, it's an awfully big splurge for something that's supposed to be a “fun new way to eat soft-serve.”

Still considering test-driving this item? Here's the full ingredient list:

baskin robbins ice cream nachosYup. That's something I'd like to feed the youth of America.

Let us not forget what we learned about the sweet peddlers in Super Size Me: that Irv Robbins's own son, John Robbins, attributed his death to a lifetime of eating ice cream. And, years later, the junior Robbins became a vegetarian, and dedicated to healthy eating. He no longer eats processed or refined foods, and has authored several books on humane and clean eating, which he called “an act of rebellion.”

I wonder what he thinks about ice cream nachos?

Images via Baskin-Robbins