Well Being

Balancing Real Life & Jewelry Life

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I think one of the most challenging parts of making jewelry for a living is the fact that it’ s not a 9 to 5, 40 hour a week job. I guess that’s maybe the case with any kind of self-employment or small business. My work never seems to be done.

As an example, I just realized I have company coming to stay for a few days not this but the next weekend. I knew they were coming, of course, just thought it was “weeks” away. So, their visit means I have to dig out the guest room and clean the house so it sparkles. I’ve also got my next jewelry book deadline on the 23rd of May coming up, and to top it off, my editor and I agreed that I should make double the number of projects for the book. This equals more jewelry and more writing.

It’s a big balancing act, a constant balancing act. I’m not exactly sure how I plan to balance all this, but for starters, I’m going to get off the computer and go bead for awhile.

Here’s to beading and balancing!