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Bakespace.com, A Tasty Social Network Site

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Bakespace com  A Tasty Social Network Site cupcake jpgFinally, a social networking site just for baking/cooking/food fans!

Bakespace.com describes themselves as:

Gathering in the kitchen is a uniquely social tradition that connects people from all walks of life. That’s because the kitchen is where we go when we’re hungry… not just for food, but for friends, family and great conversation.

BakeSpace is all about preserving and reinventing this tradition in cyberspace. We’re a grassroots online community where people from around the world gather to share recipes, build new friendships, learn from one another and express their passion for all things food-related.

It’s basically like a Myspace for people who enjoy cooking, complete with customizable user profiles, blog spaces, forums, and local area member suggestions. What Myspace doesn’t have is an extensive database of user recipes, pictures, and mentors who are there to help out.

I haven’t had the chance to get in and set my own profile up, but if you want to add me I’m here!

[image: flickr]