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Bags for the Rich & Green

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So thanks to everyone who helped me out on my bag post; I Need New Reusable Bags & Hate Shopping (sos… help!) I'm checking out everyone's ideas and hopefully will come to a decision soon. Hopefully!

In any case, I was looking around some more and found the bags I'd buy if I was super rich. I love how cute they are, but $30 for one bag, that doesn't look so wide at the bottom makes my brain ache. Still they are 100% organic which is a plus and they're the most adorable I've seen.

All bags are from rock scissor paper.

apple stack is my favorite:


Followed closely by green tree and shine brightly.


There are three other cute styles to choose from.

Oh, you know everything is on sale at rock scissor paper right now, which makes these bags only $22, but since I need six (still gulp).

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