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Babylune’s Weekend Chat

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Welcome back to Babylune’s Weekend Chat, I hope you jump in and make some comments….I really miss you guys. First up, I want to inform everyone that Babylune is currently running a small giveaway

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where one lucky reader/commenter will win a onesie that reads, “Cutest Tax Deduction.”

What’s going on here? Earlier this week I had two kids sick at home and they seem to be getting better. Of course this means that the youngest (2 year old) doesn’t seem to want to touch any of his food. So for all you readers out there….how do you encourage them to eat when they simply don’t feel good? Do you force them? Let them be?

Today, we are currently in the car taking a road trip across country. (Missouri to Indiana) Which means by next week I’ll have a ton of things to ask my readers. Here’s one for now: What do you do to keep your toddler entertained on a long road trip?

What’s been going on at Babylune? I’ve been following up on the “Missing Baby Gabriel” and honestly with the lack of sightings things aren’t looking good. I really hope he’s in hiding and will come back soon, unharmed but the longer it takes the more I wonder.

Here’s some other topics for you to comment on:

– How do you feel seeing kids not buckled in carseats?
– How do you feel when toddler are running around in a restaurant?
– How do you feel when a baby is crying in a restaurant?

Your turn, what’s on your mind this weekend?