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Babylune’s Weekend Chat

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It’s FRIDAY! How many of you will join me this weekend at Babylune’s Weekend Chat? Let’s figure out some topics to discuss.  For me this has been a week of wills, basically who would cave first me or the 2-year-old. Guess who won?

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Okay, it has been one thing after another with Little A this week. I swear he just wanted to see me pull my hair out until I had none left. Earlier this week we went out to eat, now out of all my children he is the only one that refuses to behave in a restaurant…mind you all my kids were raised in them. Now I’m not meaning we are chefs or anything but we’ve taken them since birth. He likes to be the center of attention and HATES sitting in a high chair. I believe the high chair issue is because he would like to be more like his older brother and sisters.

This week he fought me in sitting in it, then during the meal he would toss the crayons on the floor. I could not believe this, he even laughed as loud as he could. If you tried saying “shhh” he got louder. On another day we went to a movie store and were going through the aisles he did not want me to hold him but he wouldn’t just hold my hand and walk either. He kept trying to run, but since I wouldn’t let go he tried to sit and crawl under the racks.

Now I’m not saying he was all horrible this week, you know how those toddlers can be crazy one minute and lovey the next. Well, yesterday he only wanted me and he’s still doing that hand down my shirt thing when he goes to sleep. Today he kept running up to me and yelling “I love you,” as he’d fall into my arms and hug me. Now how can you ever be angry at that right? You’re right, he’s my little man and I love him, but I swear he’s going to get me bald very soon.

Got any baby issues this week? Voice them hear!