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Babylune’s Best Of 2009 Posts

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I’ve always thought it was fun to look back throughout the year and see which posts were the hot topics and it seems that ya’ll either loved or hated the Babylune s Best of 2009 Posts babyluneheader 300x39 jpgGosselins but either way they just kept popping up. It didn’t matter who cheated, everyone wanted to know the ins and outs of this famous reality tv show couple and their brood.

1. Lost Libido: Normal Sex After Childbirth
2. Jon & Kate Plus 8 Cheating
3. Jon & Kate’s New House
4. One Less Reason to Lose Sleep: How to Suction Your Baby’s Nose
5. Evian’s Cute Water Commericial
6. Jon & Kate Plus 8 Add Dogs
7. What’s in Kate Gosselin’s Bag?”
8. Aches & Pains after Childbirth
9. Pregnant Women & Postpartum Women and Fish Oil
1o. 13 Old Wives Tales for Predicting Gender

I can see ya’ll love cute commercials of little ones, Hollywood couples and a few fun but informational tidbits so I’ll try to make sure there are more in 2010. What were some of your favorite posts? What celeb/famous mom did you love for 2009? Which one did you hate? (Gosselin, Casey Anthony, Octomom?)