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Baby Swinging Video

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The man that uploaded the "man swinging baby video" into the social site, Chris Illingworth was NOT the man that actually made the video. I hope those that read my post yesterday understood that. Yes, there has been some action in the video, showing that authorities are still watching out for it, however not the type we'd all hoped for. The man that actually tossed his child has yet been arrested.

The man that uploaded the video the other day is Chris Illingworth, he said he'd done it as many people were looking for it. His friend, Wathoe, left a comment telling the readers that he found the video on youtube which is very easy to do and uploaded it to another site. This of course alerted authorities and they went to his house and office and searched, accusing him of child abuse. He (Wathoe) warns everyone to be careful what you look at (probably what you upload to other sites too) because what happened to Chris could happen to you. Chris is the father of four and now worries about what this has done to his reputation and his family.

According to reports Chris actually found the video last month while web surfing and posted to Liveleak, he's posted 100s on there before now. Course in doing so this got lots of attention, we all saw the video and it hit the news channels as well.  Queensland Police Taskforce Argos tracked down the poster that uploaded the video. But interpol agrees the original video, the one that was created, not just uploaded was from a Russian website. Liveleak owner, Hayden Hewitt, defends Chris.


Liveleak owner Hayden Hewitt has defended Mr Illingworth in a video posted on the site and called on users to bring attention to the incident and "fight injustice".

"Clearly the behaviour in the video is restless, but I couldn't say its abuse," he said.

Please ya'll, be careful of what videos you re-publish. I think this should definitely show everyone how things could look bad. If you are republishing something, maybe you should mention it. I know many times I announce that I found a video on youtube, etc. Keep it in mind the next time you do.

I really hope Chris gets out of trouble for this, all he did was load a video that he thought was funny or something others wanted to watch. He did not create it and while we do want action, we want it to be the man that actually swung the baby. Chris if you are reading this I'd love to update with a quote from you. (homemom3@gmail.com)

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