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Baby stuck in Birth Canal for 13 1/2 hours

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Yeah, my thoughts exactly. OUCH!  I think this is one of those fears every pregnant lady has, something going wrong during birth. Indeed this did too, Heather Grow went in to give birth and had no clue how this would change the life of her little daughter.

During delivery her baby actually got stuck in the birthing canal for 13 1/2 hours. The doctors knew ahead of time that she had a narrow pelvis, which should've told doctors then that they might have to consider a c-section. But instead they didn't. The baby grew to be 9 lbs, there was no way for the little girl to fit.

Her attorney, Bierne had this to say:

“The child got stuck. It was clear that she was pushed through an (opening) she couldn't fit. And this went on for hours and hours.  It was like trying to fit a watermelon through (an opening) the size of an apple.”

Her other attorney, Mueller stated:

“She was having contractions every one to two minutes for hours. It violates every medical textbook. It puts the baby and mom (in) danger.  The doctor had a responsibility to ensure she had a safe delivery.”

As for the damages done because this doctor, Lisa Yang, didn't do things the right way, she caused little Cassie Grow, who's now 11-years-old, into a spastic quadriplegic. She got brain damage when the doctor continued to give a drug to get the uterus to contract. Only problem, the baby's head was already in the canal, which meant every time it contracted it squished little Cassie's brain.

The courts did side in Heather's case and awarded her with $22.6Million yesterday, Monday 19, 2008. While this will never pay all the damage done, I'm sure this will help the family a little.

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