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Baby Matters: A Book Review

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baby-matters.jpgWelcome to the latest Carnival of Breastfeeding, where we have gathered together a collection of reviews of books and videos related to pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and parenting. To read all of the reviews, check out the links at the end of this post!

Before I could read Baby Matters, Revised 2nd Edition: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Caring for Your Baby, two breastfeeding women raved to me about the book. “Most doctors just tell you what they believe about baby care. This author tells you what she thinks and why. It has all the hard science behind attachment parenting!” I must say I agree with their positive assessment and their enthusiasm for a book that is unlike (in a good way!) most other parenting and baby care books. It is so refreshing to read a book that tackles both sides of issues like vaccination, vitamin K injections, and circumcision, with scientific studies to back up the arguments for or against such procedures. I kept a pen by my side to highlight key passages as I read through the extensive and fascinating coverage of parenting and infant care topics by author Linda Folden Palmer, DC. I wish I'd had this book when I was pregnant (when I really needed the information to make important decisions about early baby care, breastfeeding, and nutrition) and had the time to devour every bit of the information packed into this book. Baby Matters would make an excellent gift for expecting mothers, attachment parenting families, and those pesky grandparents who insist you're “spoiling that baby” by responding to his cries. Chapters like “Allergy Matters” and “Discovering, Preventing and Treating Food Allergies” would be particularly helpful to women with a family history of allergies as well as mothers trying to get to the bottom of troubling problems such as colic, eczema, rash, ear infections, etc. And if you are looking for a parenting and baby care book that brings scientific evidence to the discussion of attachment parenting, co-sleeping, breastfeeding, nutrition and other baby matters, then Baby Matters is the book for you.

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