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Baby Lives After Stroller Gets Hit By Train

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A stroller ran out in front of a train this past week when it got away from the mother, thankfully the baby inside survived. This whole incident was actually caught on tape at the train station, by the way it was the stations camera not someone filming the horrible incident.

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You can also see how terrified the mother was and how she attempted to get her baby but couldn’t.  For those worrying about the 6-month-old little boy, he was doing just fine according to reports but did get a little bump on the head.

FoxNews reported: 

Australia’s Herald Sun said the train ploughed into the stroller, dragging the child along beneath the train’s front car.

But the boy was hauled from the tracks with little more than a bump on his head.

Paramedic Jon Wright said the six-month-old just “needed a feed and a nap”.

So lets go over a few safety measures all parents should take when they have a baby near a train or a subway:

Never put them down inside a train/subway station. Not only can they roll, crawl away or toddle off but someone can actually pick them up and take off with them. A baby that knows how to crawl could also crawl right off the platform and land in the tracks.

Always put the stroller on the brake. If you have a baby in a stroller, make sure to always lock the brakes. If you don’t have a stroller that has brakes you really should go get one, even the cheap $10-$20 umbrella strollers at Wal-mart and Target have brakes. But if not, make sure never to let go of it. You never know if it can roll off or down some stairs.

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