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Baby Items For Breast Cancer Awareness

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For those of you that want to help support “Breast Cancer Awareness” you can and so can your little baby. I went around the web looking for placing/items that actually supported or donated to the cause.

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You can also visit Susan G. Komen site and read stories about those that have had breast cancer, those that have lost a loved one from it to finding out how you can support the cause.

Currently Plain Mary is actually donating 20% of all proceeds for those that purchase anything from her pink pages. Hurry on over, there’s stuff like: embroidered burp clothes, mini suitcases. Here’s the link that shows all items that can be purchased for the cause.  Plain Mary Donates 20% of proceeds to Breast Cancer Awareness.

The pink Baby K’tan baby carrier will donate $1 to breast cancer awareness for every one sold. These, for those that don’t know are front carriers for your little babies.

BrightStarts will donate a portion of their proceeds to Breast Cancer Awareness. For those that don’t know they have a ton of baby products such as bouncers, playmats and toys, it states any of the toys in pink that are purchased will be donated to the cause. (not the toys but money from it) BrightStarts donates to Breast Cancer Awareness.

DaysAGo is also giving 10% of all sells of the pink ones to Breast cancer awareness. I added this because these caps are great to add to the top of baby food to tell you how long they’ve been in the fridge for those of us that tend to forget.

Now I know as moms of babies we tend to forget about ourselves so here are a few just for moms that still donate to the cause:

Pouchee is donating $1 for every Breast Cancer LTD Edition Cotton pouchee sold for this month. This pouchee is a great gift idea for a mom that has a ton of running around to do or the one that has more than one kid in more than one thing. The pouchee looks like a wallet from the outside and a big enough purse to put a book, phone, small toys, change, etc inside. So it is perfect for the on-the-go mom.  Pouchee donates $1 per bag sold.

Eco Child’s Play has a post full of baby toys that have companies that will donate to breast cancer awareness, check them out. Dandelion Organic Baby Toys for Breast Cancer Awareness