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Baby Found In Possibly Stolen Items In Car

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Police were called about a suspicious vehicle in the area possibly containing stolen items. When they arrived on scene they spotted a couple in a car, a few minutes later the lady got out and walked towards a house.

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A little infant girl was found hidden amongst two strollers and a toy, in the backseat of the car. No clue if the mom would’ve told police she’d been there or where mom had disappeared to as that part isn’t made clear. The woman was arrested and is now being charged with child abandonment.

A few minutes later the man was arrested. No clue why they’d just leave their child unless they did not realize there was someone watching them and they just left her in the car during burglaries. EEek. Scary thought.

KXII reports:

Police early Monday arrested a man and woman on complaints of receiving and concealing stolen property. The infant’s mother also faces an additional complaint of child abandonment.

Police Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow says an officer first spotted the car parked illegally on the wrong side of the street. Two people were inside the vehicle, but the officer saw the woman walk away from the car toward a house.

Wardlow says a 7-month-old baby girl was later discovered in the back seat of the car, covered by two strollers and a large toy.

Hopefully the baby was being taken care of. It was never mentioned if the baby was inside a carseat or on the back seat.