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Baby Dancing To Beyonce

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There’s a youtube video that is making the rounds both online and on the news. Wondering what the baby is doing? Simple the little baby is dancing to Beyonce’s song, “Single Ladies.”

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We all know she was able to dance and sing her way into hearts all around the world, especially after what she did for sweet Taylor Swift, but it seems she even gave the babies a little dance of their own.

The baby in the video is cute little Cory Elliot, Cory is a toddler that lives in New Zealand and apparently his father was able to quietly tape the little one in action. Now as many parents will know, sometimes a child won’t do anything when they know you have a camera on them but this one didn’t catch it.

Isn’t this baby a cutie? By the way the baby’s father had no clue his tiny little video would become such a huge hit. Does your baby dance to any music? List the famous moves your child has done and to what song. My son just danced to “Girls just Wanna Have fun.”