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Baby Born In The Front Seat

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A North Carolina mother of two wasn’t exactly in any rush to deliver baby number three. She was so unprepared that she actually had a little more time, that is until the baby decided to come a little early and demanded an entrance. 

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Mom, Gricel Mateo, had contractions and her boyfriend was going to help by driving her to the hospital but at a stop sign things went from just contractions to a baby crying.  Congratulations to the new mom, hopefully her other kids can meet their newest sibling soon.

I could only imagine the fear, panic and of course the excitement the little family must’ve experienced. I remember being in labor and getting stopped at every red light and worrying the baby would come. For those that don’t know, I give birth within 45 minutes or less.

Could you picture what you’d do if you happened to be on your way to the hospital, stop at a red light and suddenly hear crying?