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Awesome Colts Cheerleaders Shave Their Heads To Support Cancer-Stricken Coach

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Did any of you catch the two Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders shaving their heads  last night during the game against the Buffalo Bills? The women, Crystal Ann and Megan M. shaved their heads in solidarity with coach Chuck Pagano, who has  been battling leukemia. A fundraising drive initiated by the Colt's mascot, Blue, raised $22,000 for leukemia research.

A few weeks ago, Megan M. said (via Twitter) she would shave her head if Blue could raise $10,000 for research. In a video posted to the Colts website, Megan said:

 …knowing that I [can be a source of] strength and inspiration for someone going through this — a young girl at Riley Hospital who doesn't think she's beautiful because she doesn't have hair… I want to raise money to eradicate the disease, and that's really what it's all about.

And when Blue raised double the amount he promised, another cheerleader, Crystal Ann, decided to get in on the action. Blue shaved their heads between the third and fourth quarters last night as thousands of fans cheered and looked on. How awesome are the gigantic smiles on the women's faces?!

Maybe it's the Ani Difranco fan in me, but I've always thought that women with shaved heads look really beautiful. I hope Crystal and Megan will continue to take the field bald-headed for the rest of the reason; it would be kind of sad if they decided to cover up their bold, admirable choice with a wig or a hat. Granted, it's getting colder and colder outside and I know Indiana isn't necessarily tropical, but I do hope they'll remain visible so the public can be continually reminded of their cause.

The Colts community has been galvanized by Chuck Pagano's cancer: some players have also shaved their heads, and the #chuckstrong hashtag on Twitter is a way for fans to show their support for the beloved coach. It's obviously sad that he's suffering with a disease, but it's truly awesome to see the community getting together to raise money and awareness about leukemia, especially on such a visibile level.

Photo: sportswoman on Instagram