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Tired Of The Treadmill? Here’s How To Avoid Exercise Burnout

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Treadmill got you down? Me too.

I’ve been a spin instructor for six years, teaching an average of four classes a week, which equals more than 1,000 spin classes. Yet, I still LOVE it. Yes, there are days where I’d rather be sleeping than teaching a 6:30am class, but the majority of the time I’m excited to get a ride in. I suppose I’m lucky to love spin so much, but I also make sure to throw some variety into my weekly fitness plans to keep myself from tiring of the same routine.

If you’re the type that becomes obsessed with one type of workout and then quickly tires of it and give it up all together, take a look at these tips to avoid exercise burnout. Try some of these and it will keep you exercising and enjoying it.

1. Have a Goal: It doesn’t have to be a huge goal like run a marathon or win a triathlon, but giving yourself a goal at any level will keep you motivated. Once you decide your goal, write out your schedule and use this as your guide each week. It may sound silly but it’s really gratifying to cross off each workout on your schedule as you get closer to your goal. Depending on your workout style, goals can vary; run a 10k, complete a triathlon, beat a 7-minute mile, progress in yoga, bike 100 miles, etc. Make sure to put an end date to when you should accomplish the goal by to keep yourself from slacking. When you have a goal that you have to meet on a certain date (like complete a half marathon in three months) it will make those four runs per week more exciting because you are working towards a climax.

2. Try Something New: There are tons of workout studios popping up so if you’re tired of whatever your current routine is, there a way to mix it. Especially if you live a big city, you have your pick of any type of workout from hot yoga to crazy things like spin class in a pool (yep, that’s a thing). Do a quick search of what’s available in your city and try the zaniest thing you can find. It may not be a format you want to take a regular basis, but it will probably be entertaining and a good sweat. It also could end up being your new favorite way to work out; you’ll never know until you try. Many studios offer your first class free or at a discounted rate so there’s no excuse. Also check deal sites like Groupon and Living Social for discounted multi-class packages.

3. Enlist a Friend: Grab a buddy and bond over your workouts. If I’m not in the mood to go running but I know I’m meeting a friend there is a much smaller chance I’ll bail. Save the juicy details from last night’s date or the venting you need to do about work and let it all out during your workout. Partner runs are the best way to catch up and get your work out in. It’s also great to a bring a friend if you’re trying out a new class. It’s more fun to embarrass yourself in front of your friend than just a room full of strangers, plus you can laugh about it with someone afterwards.

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