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Avocados For Dessert? Yes! 7 Sweet Avocado Dessert Recipes

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Everyone loves avocados (especially our writer Samantha Escobar). In guacamole, on toast, sliced up next to some scrambled eggs—but have you ever had avocado in a dessert? The smooth, velvety texture of avocados make them awesome, if unexpected, ingredients in puddings, pies, and other sweet stuff. After all, avocados are actually fruits! Here are seven sweet avocado recipes.

Vegan Avocado Chocolate Pudding by Forgiving Martha

avocado pudding

Sweet, easy and surprisingly-decadent tasting, I imagine.

Avocado Pie (With Gluten-Free Crust) by Wheat-Free Meat-Free

avocado pie

Doesn't this pie look so cool and refreshing? This is definitely going on my list of things to make this summer.

Avocado Chocolate Chip Cookies by Peanut Butter & Peppers


I would never think to make avocado cookies, but these look so good I'm sure they are worth a try! Bonus points for being gluten-free.

Dairy Free Cherry, Coconut & Avocado Ice Cream by Alkaline Sisters


The only non-green dessert in this bunch has the other delicious flavors of cherry and coconut.

Vegan Avocado Mousse With Vegan Coconut Creme by A Cozy Kitchen

avocadomousseThis is about the most beautiful presentation of avocados I've ever seen. The recipe is really easy, too!

Avocado Cake With Avocado Buttercream by Tasty Kitchen


A thick, delicious chocolate cake with yummy avocado icing.

Fruit Pizza With A Maple-Quinoa Crust by Almonds & Avocados


This fruit pizza would be fun to serve at a party, especially one where kids will be present.

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