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Athletics & Avocado: 7 Unexpected Recipes You Can Make For The Super Bowl

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Since I started writing here a few months ago, I have wanted to do a post of avocado recipes. It is absolutely, positively my favorite food on the planet and I'm pretty vocal about that fact; I regularly get gifted avocado slicers, savers and the fruits themselves by friends and family who acknowledge my obsession. In my opinion, it's the most delicious and diverse food on the planet, and if I could eat it with every meal, I would (actually, I did that for a few months last year and it felt fantastic).

As a result of my serious affinity for the most beautiful and delightful food in the world, I have encountered numerous recipes pertaining to avocado. And because Super Bowl Sunday is coming up in just a couple days, when Americans will eat 79 million pounds of avocados in 24 hours, I think right about now is a good time to share some fun, tasty ideas with you readers. Avocado recipes like the one above from Circle B Kitchen combine the deliciousness of fried breadcrumbs with the healthfulness of avocado to make the absolute perfect Super Bowl snack!

If you have any others, it would be amazing if you could write 'em down in the comments, primarily because I will be incredibly grateful to you for adding to my collection of delicious things to do with avocados.

Above photo: Circle B Kitchen / gallery photos: Shutterstock (unless otherwise noted)