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Author of How-To Marijuana, Step-by-Step Guide to Medical Marijuana

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Someone asked me the other day if I had an agenda about the use of marijuana to help manage chronic pain and chronic illness. In all honesty, no, I don't. What I do have an agenda for is to provide information about pain, chronic pain, living with chronic pain and how to manage chronic pain. With these issues, inevitably comes the question of “will marijuana help relieve my pain?”

When I worked as a nurse, I gave medications that were incredibly more potent than cannabis, including a combination of opium and belladonna – given when I worked in palliative care. So, this is where I come from – if the medication is available and can help, then I think people should know about it. That's how I see my role here at Help My Hurt and my role as a nurse.

So, without further ado, I would like to present to you Carol S. Bott, a chemical dependency nurse who wrote the book, How-To Marijuana, A Step-by-Step Guide to Medical Marijuana. This book, published last year, covers topics such as:

  • Why is cannabis illegal?
  • What conditions does cannabis treat?
  • How can the dosage be controlled?
  • Storing seed
  • Selecting the site
  • Recipes
  • Cautions

Below, you can read how you can win a copy of the book.
Carol, how did you get interested in the topic of medicinal marijuana?

I spent several years working in chemical dependency treatment. In those years, I saw what drugs and medications caused problems and which ones didn't. And I found that the ones that caused problems were alcohol, tobacco, and prescription drugs like tranquilizers and narcotics, as well as street drugs like LSD. What I did NOT do was admit people for marijuana use or marijuana detox because it is not addictive.

I went to a local meeting here of the AAMC, the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis, out of curiosity. I really thought in my head that I would see a bunch of old people getting high. But, what I found in this room were sick people. I mean really sick people, of all ages.

How did you feel you could help?

I am a major gardener. I already had a pretty good idea of how to grow my own medicine and I'm also a good cook. I had already figured out how to prepare cannabis and ingest it so it would be helpful.

As I began working with the group, I met people who didn't know how to grow their own cannabis or how to prepare it. They didn't know how to garden and lots of people don't know how to cook these days.

Now, the doctors, the cannabinologists, are really good about how to figure out how much people need, how much for their dose and who they should take it, but that doesn't mean that they know how to grow it or how to cook it.

I listened and learned about what people were asking and that's what spurred me to write the book.

How has the book been received?

It has been well received. I've gotten more responses from doctors than anyone else. I'm not making the New York Times best seller list, but it seems to be doing what it should be doing, what it needs to do.

Have you had any resistance to the book?

Interestingly, I have not. I had been warned that the DEA would investigate me and investigate the book, and that I had better be very careful – which, of course, I am anyway. So that was expected.

I am not experiencing resistance from the medical community because they are getting it. It's hard to ignore the research that is coming out of Europe about the effectiveness of cannabis.

For people who would like to order a copy of Carol's book, you can go to her website, Carol S. Bott, Carolsbookand order it from there.

I also have one copy of Carol's book to give away.

If you would like to win a copy of How-To Marijuana, A Step-by-Step Guide to Medical Marijuana, leave a comment about how you feel about medicinal marijuana – if you know someone who has used it, if you have, how it affected people you know and so on. Please be sure to either make sure I can contact you or come back and visit in two weeks when I announce the winner so you can contact me.

The contest will run from today until Wednesday, May 21st at 11:59 PM EST. At that point, I will take all the comments and assign them a number. A number will be chosen at random by a randomizer and this person will win a copy of the book.


Image: Carol S. Bott


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