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Hack Your Brain With Downloadable Audio “Drugs” From Digipill

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Well, this is certainly an interesting spin on music therapy: Digipill offers downloadable audio “drugs” that rely on “psychoacoustics” to “change your mind.” Each Digipill audio file contains around half and hour of hypnosisinducing sounds which the company says can promote relaxation, creative ambition, weight loss and more.

The concept, from mobile development company Yuza and self-help author Brian Colbert, was inspired by decades of neuro-linguistic research, according to the Digipill website.

“Each Digipill has been uniquely formulated using specific blends of sound and language to gently engage and activate more of the mind,” says Colbert. “This makes it easier to bring about change, build new habits and promote an overall sense of well-being.”

So is this just a more high-tech (and creatively packaged) version of the learn-a-language/quit-smoking/discover-inner-peace type tapes that have been the subject of sitcom capers for time immemorial? Sounds like it. But see for yourself — you can download the Digipill app here, along with one audio “pill,” and you know what they say: The first hit is free.

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