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Attention Thrifty Homeowners

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Did you gut your master bath the week after you moved into your house six years ago and haven't gone back since?

Simply Thrifty


Did you peel all the wallpaper in the hall and add primer in hopes of painting before winter set in four years ago? Have you taken to decorating your walls with kids art projects to add a little color and cover the holes? Do say every summer you're going to finish the painting but then another project pops up?


Is your back room tripling as a pantry, laundry room and place to store the cat's litter pan?


Does the truly ugly wallpaper in your one functioning bathroom look like this because your six year old likes to sit and peel?

wallpaper bath


Do you use your garage primarily for storage of DIY items?



Does the family sports car look like this?



If so, you're Simply Thrifty folks. You don't need to spend your money on such frivolities as paint, wallpaper and toilets? Instead, you use it for necessities such as food, a Wii and a large screen television. You know what you want and where your priorities lie. You don't mind being too embarrassed to have company over if it means you can have your toys, because after all, having company means you have to wait for your turn with the Wiimote. Besides, you can just tell everyone you're renovating and they'll understand.

Simply Thrifty folks aren't cheap, though they might be frugal. Simply Thrifty folks don't do without…they learn to live within their means and save for the things they want while still getting what they need. Simply Thrifty folks don't rack up expensive credit card bills, instead they put away a little each week or month until they can pay for what they want in full.  Simply Thrifty folks enjoy life, and all that comes with it, while knowing they don't need to be a millionaire to do so.

Come visit Simply Thrifty, we may be renovating, but we're always up for company.