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Ask The Skinny Scoop: Valentine’s Love

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A new site focused on user-generated surveys and answers is on the scene. It’s theSkinnyScoop.com, and it’s tailored to women who want to know (and women who want to share).

The Skinny Scoop allows you to post engaging questions on just about any topic from health to sex. The community (which is free to use) allows women to share their life’s expertise with each other. Here’s an example of a recent Ask the Skinny Scoop  Valentine s Love valentine foot 237x300 jpgpoll on Valentine’s Day at the Skinny Scoop:

45% of women said their ideal Valentine’s Day gift would be to spend a night at a hotel or another getaway destination.

20% said they would like their partner to do something homemade and personal (put together photo album, write a poem, etc).

65% of women believe it’s the man’s job to do something special for Valentine’s Day (I disagree with this one, how about you?).

One member at the Skinny Scoop said,

“I am all about women being equal so maybe this is a double standard but…I really wish my husband would take the lead on Valentine’s Day. In reality we women usually do the bulk of kiddie stuff as well as plan most of the social calendar even if we work full-time. So this is a nice one to take off our shoulders.”

It seems that these poll results and comments should be shared with men too! Here are some more juicy tidbits from the Valentine’s Day poll:

  • 57% of women feel they are obligated to have sex on Valentine’s Day
  • 93% of women said that if they were to make a 2010 sex resolution, it would be to have more sex
  • 79% would rather have a massage than sex
  • 77% have had sex on a first date

I’ll end with this comment from one member at the Skinny Scoop: “A foot massage is an orgasm and then some!” Hmm… fetish?

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