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Don’t Think Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight? Watch Arthur Boorman’s Amazing Story

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Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 10.42.28 AMYou may have heard about Arthur Boorman. He's the disabled vet who learned to walk again by taking up yoga. As if that wasn't incredible enough, now the YouTube sensation is back and reporting that he's lost 140 pounds by practicing yoga–all because he found hope and health from former professional wrestler “Diamond” Dallas Page and his yoga DVDs.

Fifteen years ago, Boorman was unable to walk after years of abusing his body in the military. The retired military paratrooper required a cane and braces to move around. Because of this, Boorman began to put on weight and eventually climbed to 340 pounds.

“I was at a point in my life where I fully expected to die,” Boorman told Today. “I was on a downward spiral.”

He went on to explain how depressing this had become:

“There are many, many times that I was truly disgusted with what I had become,” he told the Today show. “When furniture gives way underneath you, when you can’t do things that everybody else can do.”

But then one day he discovered a yoga DVD from Diamond Dallas Page and that was the beginning of a new life. Not only did he learn how to walk unassisted (and do headstands, no less), but he slowly began to lose that weight that was making him mentally, emotionally and physically sick.

Today, Boorman is happy to report that he has lost more than 140 pounds over a 10-month period.

“I was blown away by his results,” Diamond Dallas remarked. “Every month, I was like, ‘Wow!'”

All of this, Boorman says, has not only helped him to regain his life, but he's hoping it will help others too.

“By sharing my story, I’m hoping that I inspired other people. I don’t view what I did as impossible or extraordinary. I think that anyone can do what I did in any aspect of their life.”

Take a look at his amazing story and be inspired:

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