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Are Women’s Only Races Sexist? Take Our Poll

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Are Women s Only Races Sexist  Take Our Poll womens races 490x326 jpgOur friends over at Lemondrop reported on an interesting trend: Men are crashing women’s races. We’re not sure how exactly they’re registering, but given their obvious advantages, they’re often pushing their female competitors off the winning pedestal.

Just last week Jonathan Mederos, 25, a high school philosophy teacher, set a personal record in the Disney Princess Half Marathon — and, moreover, took first place. “When I crossed the finish line, the announcers were silent, and I got downcast looks from the crowd,” Mederos told The Wall Street Journal.

Last year, the paper reports, another male runner cleaned up at the Nike Women’s Half Marathon, only to press a finger to his lips, begging for silence as he crossed the finish line, after being heckled all the way there.

We’re not sure what motivates these men, in particular, but the Lemondrop post raises an interesting question: Are women-only sporting events sexist? A commenter on Lemondrop, DeusEx, thinks they are: “How can excluding someone on the sole basis of gender not be considered sexist? Isn’t that what is being encouraged here? Women and men are either equal or they’re not. Which is it?”

We think there are pros and cons to both types of races, but we want to know: Do you prefer co-ed races, or do you like the idea of a race just for the girls?