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Are Soy Candles Better for Your Health?

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Soy candles are greener than traditional wax candles but that doesn't necessarily mean they're 100% better for your health. Here's the 411…


Soy candles ARE greener than wax because:

  • Soy candles are made from a rapidly renewable resource, although you will want to look for organic soy candles vs. none organic. Wax paraffin candles are in no way made from a renewable resource – they're derived from petroleum.
  • Soy candles are biodegradable.
  • Soy candles clean out of their containers easily (if they came in one), unlike wax which is hard to clean. Thus, after burning a soy candle, you can reuse the container for other things or recycle it.

Soy candles are healthier than wax candles BUT not by much for some people:

Soy candles do give off less soot particles and burn cleaner than normal candles. Obviously that's a good thing. A cleaner burning candle means less soot in your lungs and in your home.

There's not a large collection of research (thus far) that notes that soy candles are terribly better for your health. They do still release some smoke that can aggravate allergy or asthma symptoms. If you have allergies or asthma, a soy candle may still make you feel kind of icky, just like a wax candle can.

Where to find the best soy candles: