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Prepare For Your iBody: Apple Plans To Merge Fitness And Technology

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Imagine that blank screen filled with more information about your body than is on your medical records.

Our phones are about to know everything about our bodies. How long until they will be inside our bodies?

According to sources, a new version of the iPhone operating system may boast health and fitness tracking integration as it's “headline feature.” When Apple unveils iOS 8 later this year, it could potentially include an app codenamed “Healthbook” pre-installed to compete with Nike, Fitbit and other programs that help users track their health and fitness.

Healthbook will provide a number of health related services. It will be able to monitor and store vital signs like heart rate, blood pressure maybe even glucose levels, as well as fitness statistics like steps taken and calories burned. The impressive software won't just be able to help you track weight loss, but will ” allow users to enter details about their medications so that they could be reminded to take pills at scheduled times.”

Industry types suspect that the release of this “healthy functionality” might be delayed in order to come out in conjunction with “its long-awaited, sensor-laden “iWatch,” which sources say is well into development.” It's likely that the new iOS was developed synergistically with the iWatch, a wearable computer with sensors that keep track of what your human body is up to. Perhaps the iWatch will collect data from your bod and send it straight to Healthbook on the iPhone.

Though the market is already flush with “blood pressure monitors, body weight scales, pedometers, heart rate monitors, fitness bands, and glucose meters” that connect with iPhones, “Healthbook” would be Apple's own, making the technology more intuitive, accessible and wildly convenient.

This is technology's next step to integrating with our bodies, basically rendering us cyborgs. When iWatch and Healthbook come out, our phones are going to be so synched up with these fleshbags we carry around. They robots will know things about the way our hearts beat and the way we eat because of little sensitive chips around our wrists. Perhaps after a few more iOSes and a few more iterations of the iWatch, we will be able to get Apple technology inside us so it can track everything straight from the source, seamlessly taking Apple technology from appendage to part of our human anatomy. We'll be able to upload selfies of our butts from inside our butts.

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