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Scary App Tracks Usage To Show We’re More Obsessed With Our Smartphones Than We Think

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Moment App Tracks Smartphone UsageYou may not think you're obsessed with your phone, but your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts and updates might tell a different story. Now, a free usage monitoring app can tell you just how obsessed with your phone you really are!

Moment is a free app that works in the background of everything else you have happening on your mobile to track time spent on your phone, and exactly where you're using it.

And since the average smartphone user checks their screens about 150 times a day (yikes!), proving people are addicted to technology, Moment will even tell you when to put your phone away…giving you the opportunity to interact with, like, actual humans!

If you're finding yourself scrolling through your frienemie's Instagram feed instead of listening to your bestie complain about her latest relationship drama, you're probably being a terrible friend. Moment allows you to reduce your dependence on stalking other people's lives by setting time limits on usage, and warning you when you go over.

Moment will also send reminders or “nudges” when you reach a certain point in your usage, so you can put your phone in your pocket and at least pretend to care about what's going on in the world around you!

Will this decrease the extraordinary dependence we have on our cell phones?

Probably not. People are almost as obsessed with sharing their lives online than they are about keeping up with what other people are doing.

However, helpful reminders that people set themselves are bound to be more successful at getting people to stop texting under the dinner table and pay attention to what's happening in real life than naggy parents, needy girlfriends and annoying buddies (who you know are right, but you don't want to admit it). So this app is probably more useful for the person who knows they rely on their phone too much, and wants to change for themselves.

The bottom line?

While we do live in a culture that is social media and phone obsessed, remember this: The number of likes you get on Instagram will never be better than the moment that picture was taken in itself. If getting a photo trumps the experience, you ought to rethink your motives.

Was that deep?