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Anti-Vaxxers Obviously Think Ebola is an Autism Cover-Up, Among Other Insanities

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anti vaxxers think ebola is a conspiracy theoryIn case anyone was wondering, there is no dialing down the crazy when it comes to this whole ebola thing. Coming in just behind the people on your newsfeed threatening to never leave the house again (don't tease us!) is the anti-vaccination movement.

Affectionately known as anti-vaxxers, this charming group of undiagnosed, truly unhinged citizens have turned the recent ebola crisis into a full-blown conspiracy theory. They're claiming that the deadly disease is an autism cover-up (normal), biological warfare, or just full on fraud.

From the (misinformed) website chatter on the other side of sane:

“How is it we suddenly have an Ebola “outbreak” and it is coming to the USA too?

The Ebola outbreak is quite a coincidence – senior CDC scientist Dr Thompson has been talking with Dr Hooker for 10 months about the CDC knowing the MMR vaccine causes autism. The Ebola “problem” was introduced gently to the US public earlier in the year.

Now we have an Ebola “outbreak” in the west just when Hooker's paper has been published and the admissions about the CDC knowing the MMR vaccine causes Autism issue are breaking news which the mainstream media refuse to report.”

Okay. That's enough of that. Don't mind me as I disregard everything posted to a webpage that looks like a 1990s era pop up screen. Bye.

Anti-vaxxers are actually sparring amongst themselves, debating whether or not the disease actually exists. Half believe it's a pandemic created solely for the government to force feed us more vaccines and the other half believe it does exist, but only so the CDC and the media (of course) can push vaccines as the only cure. The latter are the same people who believe that a homeopathic cure is all it takes to fight off ebola. Vitamin C and spider venom for all! Ebola is as good as wiped out!

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