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Another Jane Austen Spool knitter

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One of the things that is a bit tricky about being a designer and author and dedicated blogger, is that I can't talk about the new designs that I am working on, until they get published.

So, I am steaming along on new work that has got me just beside myself with excitement….. and I can't say peep about it!

BUT, luckily, I am working on other things that I can chat away about like mad.

One of the things that I am sooooooooo excited about is our new series of Jane Austen Spool knitters.

Jim's really busy these days, so he doesn't have a lot of time at the lathe. I keep bugging him to puhleeeeeeeeze turn me another Jane Austen….. so in self defense, he's squeezing in as much lathe time as he can.

Here's the Jane Austen homage spool knitter that I just finished.  I take the pics of the spool knitters before I varnish them, as the varnish flashes so much that it messes up the pics.  This pic was taken late at night, so it doesn't do her justice. But, I was so excited about her that I just had to put her pic up!

This one has our Jane Austen heroine wearing a lavender cape with the hood up….


And now…. I need Jim to turn another Jane Austen….. there are so many more I want to make…….