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Teen Girl Instagrams Anorexia Recovery, Shows Social Media Isn’t Always The Worst

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Social media can be a terrible hotbed of brutal #proana sentiments and triggering nonsense. The internet can be an unhealthy world for sick girls to retreat to where eating disorders are glamorized and encouraged. Apparently, it doesn't have to be like that and social media can be a nice thing. One instagram at a time, this rad teen proves the internet can be used for good and that recovered life is way more positive than the throes of a disease like anorexia.

Antonia Eriksson, also known as Eatmoveimprove on Instagram, is a Swedish 18-year-old fitness blogger. Clicking around her instagram shows lots of snaps of delicious food porn of both the healthy and decadent variety, selfies of the happy and fit Eriksson and other typical Fitness Guru snapshots. Despite what could seem like the typical triggering and counterintuitive fitspo, Eriksson's instagram is true fitness-inspiration.

If you go through 15 months of Eatmoveimprove, you'll find the following image:eating disorder recovery

That's a picture of Eriksson's hospital bed from the beginning of her eating disorder treatment. Starting from that picture, each photo is part of a visual representation of her recovery from anorexia to fitness guru. She is body positive, healthy and probably the most refreshing Fitspo personality online.

Here are a few thoughtful quotes from Eriksson, who has come a long way since 2012:

On internet thinspo:

“The thinspo accounts did affect me while I was sick. When I got into recovery I stopped following all those accounts, but before I got to that point I found it affected me a lot. They are made to make girls feel awful about their bodies and they often succeed. It was those accounts that ‘helped me' starve myself and stay sick.”

On keeping her account from being triggering:

“I've always been quite strict about sharing, about what I share and don't share. People ask how much I weigh or how many calories I eat, and I won't talk about that. I don't want to share numbers because I know that triggered me, and I don't want that to be what my account is about.”

Knowing the line between Fitspo and Thinspo:

“I do post progress pictures, and that took me awhile. But followers were asking how my workouts were going so I decided to share more progress pictures – but I'm quite careful there too: I don't talk about my body like I do about my progress. It's not how I look, it's how much energy I have or what I can lift in the gym.”

The struggles communicating with admirers who have the wrong idea:

“I'll tell people off when they ask me how to lose weight. Me losing weight was me almost losing my life. You shouldn't ask me how to do that. That's like asking me how to commit suicide.”

That's how fitspo is done.

Eriksson is an insightful and inspiring chick, it's amazing that you can see the timeline of her recovery through social media and more amazing that you can see how well she lives as a recovered person.

Read more about her here and make sure to check out her instagram.

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