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Angry Writer Suggests No Penis Is Too Small, It’s That Women’s Vaginas Are Too Big

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This is the most amazingly oblivious thing I've seen in a while: Peter Lloyd — a male writer skeptical of science saying “size matters — has taken to the Daily Mail opinion pages to warn women we're next! That's right, ladies, if folks are gonna dare start suggesting that female pleasure might be affected by physiological reality, then men might just start critiquing women's bodies.

Given society's on-going pre-occupation with size, perhaps  … we can all laugh at each other together. What fun. … Don't breasts need to be the perfect size, shape and pertness too, right?

Har, har, he's just kidding (I know this because he directly follows it with “naturally, I'm being facetious”). Men judging women's breast size and shape and characteristics, what a laugh! That's not something that actually happens everyday always for going on forever

Naturally, I'm being facetious, because of course it fucking happens all the time, everywhere always.

Peter here, however, seems to think being sexually judged is currently something unique to the male experience. NOT that he's defensive about the penis size thing: “It's all quite funny, really,” he writes. “When I read yesterday's article, I laughed out loud” (on the nose, this one!).

Suffice to say, it's not just women's breasts that Peter feels deserve more judgement but our vaginas, as well. “After all, men can put a master key in a door, but if the lock's too big then it won't open,” he writes, making me actually long for the hot dog anology. And then comes the crux of the matter:

“And that's not our fault.”

No, never your fault, Peter.  It must just be us women and our giant, locked vaginas.

Photo: The Daily Mail