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And This Is Why We Need To Boycott Butterball Turkeys This Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Do you know what you're serving? After watching this undercover video, hopefully it's not a Butterball turkey.

Thanks to a recent investigation by Mercy for Animals (MFA), workers at Butterball factory farms in North Carolina were caught severely abusing and injuring their turkeys. Documented by an undercover employee, shocking and horrifying cases of animal abuse included:

— workers kicking and stomping on birds

— birds being dragged by their delicate wings and necks

— workers callously and violently throwing turkeys around

— turkeys so severely injured that they showed visible signs of open sores, infections, and broken bones

What's even more disturbing here is that this is the exact same type of abuse that Butterball was caught doing during a previous investigation in 2011. It's horrifying to think that people can treat other living beings so cruelly with no regard for their welfare, health pain or happiness. No animal deserves that. And yet, Americans keep buying them by the millions–46 million in fact will die just so they can sit on our Thanksgiving table this year.

Dr. Greg Burkett, poultry welfare scientist and professor of avian medicine and surgery at North Carolina State University, told MFA that this cruelty and abuse has not stopped, despite past actions with Butterball:

The abuses shown in this video are identical to the abuses documented in last year's Butterball investigation which led to criminal cruelty to animals charges and convictions. These behaviors are cruel, inhumane, and injurious to the birds. I am appalled at the disrespect these workers have toward the lives of other living creatures.

Dr. Sara Shields, a research scientist, poultry specialist, and consultant in animal welfare, added that this undercover investigation is “especially concerning” and that “under no circumstances is it acceptable to use violent force to move animals.”

MFA took this video to law enforcement, who says they are currently investigating. But it's likely that nothing will happen to Butterball (as evidenced from the past) and they will continue to abuse these beautiful, innocent turkeys.

Take a look at the video of the investigation and then tell us if you will boycott Butterball–and all turkey farms–this year:


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