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Anal Play For Him: Part 2 Of Our Sex Tour Through The Back Door

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By Helen “Girly” Brown

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Recently, we explored our sexual way through a female’s backdoor, but that’s only half of the picture. (And check out our photo gallery at the end of this post.)

“The great thing about anal play is that the butt is an equal-opportunity orifice,” explained Leah Perrotti, our fearless Babeland instructor on all things rear entrance.

Long associated with proctologist exam rooms, many men understandably cringe at the idea of having their prostate gland fingered. Not to mention, many women can be a little squeamish about sticking a digit up their boyfriend or husband’s a-hole.

As a quick reminder, we explained in Part 1 of our epic series that shit is stored in the colon, not the rectum. Therefore, unless you’re spending time with a fellow who doesn’t have a modicum of personal hygiene (sadly, this happens), you shouldn’t encounter any #2 on your trip around the corner.

What you will find two to three inches up his asshole is a sweet spot with the surface texture of a walnut shell. This is Mr. Prostate, and it’s the male equivalent of the G-Spot. This little guy is responsible for producing the fluid that sperm swim in. The prostate gland also contracts during a man’s orgasm to the point where it covers the urethra, so as to prevent urine from getting mixed up with semen, which would just be a big mess.

When the prostate is properly stimulated, many men experience an intense orgasm that, trust us, may very well make him willing to become your sex slave, or at least buy you dinner and a movie.

“People think of anal sex as a second virginity,” says Perrotti – an idea many guys actually may find exciting. And, without getting all feminist-theory on our readers’ asses, penetrating a dude’s butt does switch up traditional gender roles a bit. That can be exciting to both women and men, plus it can help build a new level of intimacy and trust between partners.

How to Get Him Off By Going Up His Rear

Your partner’s asshole deserves to be treated with the same level of care and respect as your own. To refresh, refer to the images in Part 1 of this series, and yes, please imagine that hand as his butt. Use a well-lubed finger and go slow!

Once you’ve gotten your finger, or a toy, up in there, it’s time to stimulate that little gland ’o pleasure. You’ll find the prostate two to three inches in, pointing toward the bellybutton. It’s about the size of chestnut, shaped like a doughnut, with the texture of walnut. Got that? Now we’re hungry.

Start by gently stroking or rubbing it. You can then begin to increase speed and pressure – even a light squeeze can feel good. As always, make sure you two are communicating the entire time about what does and doesn’t work for him.

Be sure to always point your finger – or anal toy – toward the bellybutton, so as not to cause any pain or discomfort.

Like yours, his ass doesn’t self-lubricate. So even if you think you’ve used enough lube, grab some more. Babelube ($22) is all-purpose and gender neutral.

Though your finger is dandy, sex toy stores overflow with little nubs and plugs made especially to help stimulate his parts. Babeland recommends the Naughty Boy ($80), with its curved structure that can hit both the prostate and the perineum. The ProTouch Plug ($32) has a removable vibrator bullet. (The butt plug part fits over your finger as a natural extension.) The protozoa-shaped Aneros Prostate Stimulator ($58) is of course designed specifically for a man, but is easy for a partner to maneuver. And just a quick reminder: You may have a Rabbit Habit, but your Rabbit does not belong in your boyfriend’s butt.

Bending Over Your Boyfriend

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