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Stop! And Watch Amy Poehler Talk About Body Issues

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Amy Poehler is well-loved around these parts for being equally smart and hilarious, but this new video from Smart Girls At The Party basically makes her our patron saint. In response to a reader asking for advice on dealing with body issues, Poehler responds with genuine empathy, and offers some pretty stellar advice–instead of a pre-packaged speech about loving your body because everyone is beautiful.

True to form, Poehler is inspirational and positive, but smart just the same. Rather than trying to be something that you're not (i.e., one of the five perfectly symmetrical people on the planet suited for work in television), she suggests being grateful for the things you do like about your body, and trying to be happy about what you have, instead of hoping for a physical transformation that just won't happen.

She says it better, so we suggest you stop everything you're doing and watch her video: