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Cheers! Americans Are Killing Their Wine Game

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Guess what, America? We’re killing it in the wine category.

The good ol’ US of A now drinks more wine per person than any other country, including France. On average, Americans drink 16 bottles of wine per year. If you’re wondering, “Is that a lot?” well, it’s more than the average in any other country — so, yes.

And let’s all remember that your Aunt Ida doesn’t drink. And neither does your goody-two-shoes coworker, Karen. So when you take out all of those lame (or, very strong) sober people, that means we could all be potentially guzzling 20+ bottles per year. And the study didn’t specify if they were the 750ml or 1.5 Liter sized bottles.

The report, published by Agrifrance, a division of BNP Paribas Wealth, offered insight into the habits of new consumers and the rise of “New World.”

While France is still killing the game in the high-end wine market category, with average costs at $7.50 per liter, the global average as of 2011 was a less expensive $3. Yet champagne is still the most costly, at $16 an liter. Other key findings reported that while wine production in Europe remains stable, new world markets like Chile, Australia and New Zealand are increasing vino production as much as 300.


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