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American Eagle Awesomely Trolls Us All With “Skinny Skinny” Jeans

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american eagle skinny skinny jeans

+1, American Eagle Outfitters. Yesterday, the clothing retailer released a video promoting a new product, AEO “Skinny Skinny” jeans. You've gotta see it to believe it.

Beware: don't watch this video if you're averse to buttcheeks.

Get it? The jeans are so skinny, they're actually just spray-on, not actually jeans at all! When you click the link to the skinny skinny jeans on American Eagle's site, you get a picture of spray paint in two colors, “indigo” and “bright light, available in a two pack for $49.95. Then when you click the product link, you're told the product is “sold out.” Whomp whomp! The jokes' on you, shopper.

This is a funny commentary on our obsession with getting our hands on exclusive products, no? Not to mention everyone's preoccupation with increasingly-skinny jeans. I have to say I wouldn't normally expect a prank like this from American Eagle. I haven't shopped there regularly for years, but I guess I still associate them with a clean cut, faux-preppy with-a-hint-of-boho aesthetic, a brand takes itself as seriously as their teenage clientele does. But I love when companies have a sense of humor about themselves and their products. Smart move, American Eagle, even if April Fool's Day is still over a week away.

Photo: American Eagle