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Amanda Seyfried And Her Skin Would Like You To Buy This $13,000 Moisturizer, Please

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amanda seyfriend skin cream

Here is Amanda Seyfriend, wearing her skin.

We can all probably agree that Amanda Seyfried has pretty great skin–but I don't think any of us knew exactly how great. Her skin is, in fact, so great that a luxury cosmetics company has asker her to be the face of their 30th anniversary limited-edition skin creme line. And by “line,” they mean “three jars at $13,000 apiece.” Could your skin sell a $13,000 pot of moisturizer? Mine either.

Clé de Peau Beauté, the Japanese luxury cosmetics line by Shiseido Co., who makes what is regarded as possibly the greatest concealer stick of all time (you, too, can have flawless-looking skin for the low, low price of $70 apiece), is celebrating its 30th anniversary with an ultra-limited collection of just three little jars of their signature skincare product, La Creme. The jars, the New York Daily News reports, will be handcrafted out of cut class, and encrusted with crystals (naturally).

Amanda Seyfried Clé de Peau Beauté

Here's the $775 dollar kind. A bargain!

Now, I know that as a health blogger, I'm supposed to tell you that if you drink enough water and eat enough kale, your skin, too, can be beautiful without very expensive products. And that's true–drinking water makes your skin cells supple and happy. And no, there's probably nothing necessarily in this cream that makes it that much better than something a little lower on the cosmetics counter food chain.

But before you go all cray-cray and start furiously wondering how it's possibly for a 50-gram jar of what is basically just a really silky lotion could possibly be so expensive, and who in their right mind would pay that much, just step back and moment and ask yourself: if you were, say, Beyoncé, and you had literally more money than you could spend in a lifetime, and there was a skin cream that would not only make you look lovely (according to the Nordstrom product page for the La Cremè that isn't in a ridiculously fancy jar, it's about $775 and full of science and basically AH-MAY-ZING), but would also remind you of your own ludicrous wealth every time you applied it delicately to your face….wouldn't you at least consider it?

I think you might. I would consider it (after donating at least $13,000 to a charity so my while guilt/rich person guilt/guilt at spending a down payment on a house on facial moisturizer didn't kill me).

Anyway, if you want some of this amazing, Amanda Seyfried-approved, you can start to register for it in August. But because there are only three jars, there will be a lottery to determine who's the lucky spender–assuming more than three people in this economy can afford to drop that much on moisturizer.

Images: Lia Toby/WENN.com and Nordstrom