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Amanda Peet Pumps in Public Restroom

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Did anyone else see Amanda Peet on Live with Regis & Kelly yesterday? Nothing much funnier than seeing Regis Philbin squirm as Amanda Peet described her experience pumping while standing at the sinks in the airport public restroom before her flight to New York. Both Amanda and Kelly used their hands and voices to mimic the suction of the double breast pump, prompting a desperately embarrassed Regis to blush furiously.

Amanda brought her 2-month-old baby girl Frances Pen with her on the plane. Unfortunately for Amanda it was one of “those” nightmare flights where she had to walk Frances up and down the aisle while alternately carrying her in a sling or Baby Bjorn. As parents we've all been there. Breastfeeding can make all the difference though — remember “Traveling with a First Class Nursling”?