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Already Thin Amanda Bynes Admits She Wants To Lose 21 Pounds

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Already Thin Amanda Bynes Admits She Wants To Lose 21 Pounds Amanda Bynes jpg

You know how celebrities and famous people’s figures tend to be judged on an even more critical scale than the rest of us? Well, even at that standard of skinny, Amanda Bynes is rather thin. This isn’t a criticism by any means; many people are naturally skinny, and that is what’s normal for them, therefore making it perfectly healthy. But in an interview with Us Weekly, Bynes, 26, stated that she wants to lose weight — 21 pounds, in fact.

The feature is called “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me,” wherein Bynes listed several little-known facts for the public. There were plenty of normal ones, such as “18. Diet Coke is my favorite soda,” some annoying ones like “17. I bought a Rolex. It’s my most prized possession,” and a couple kind of ridiculous ones, including “16. I survived Hurricane Sandy.” But it was number 15 that caught everyone’s eye: I moved to New York City and I love it! I lost 4 lbs. since I moved. I’m 121 lbs — my goal is 100 lbs.”

The actress’ behavior has become significantly more erratic over the past year or two, having gotten into an almost comical number of accidents and having been charged with multiple DWIs. Even on Twitter, she captioned a photo of Jay-Z with the words “ugly face” only to delete many of the tweets on her account later. She also posted that she was at “stripper classes” as well several photos of her new bangs in a row. One photo she’s tweeted shows just how thin she presently is:

Already Thin Amanda Bynes Admits She Wants To Lose 21 Pounds Amanda Bynes jeans jpg

Look, I don’t know about you guys, but that does not look like a young woman whose frame could even be stable if she lost 21 pounds. For the most part, I am all about a person’s right to choose whatever she or he wishes to do about their body, but in some cases, this can be very dangerous. Lately, it seems like very few people are looking out for Bynes, and given her behavior, she doesn’t seem to be looking out for herself either. Hopefully this will change, and she’ll be able to get help and safely, healthily live.

Photos: Amanda Bynes’ Twitter