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Would You Get Your Kid An Allergy Tattoo?

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Millions of people suffer from allergies, and many of them are children. While some allergies are fairly harmless, primarily causing a bit of discomfort or a mild rash, there are many kids whose allergies are life-threatening. Should a child fall ill or unconscious when his or her parent is not around, those who are caring for the kid, such as paramedics, need to know what exactly he or she is allergic to. An allergy tattoo does exactly that.

A company called Safety Tats produces temporary tattoos so parents can have their children's allergies listed with (or rather, on) him or her at all times. While it may not be the coolest trend for kids to have parents add to their wardrobes, it could help save their lives at some point.

While I have a relatively mild allergic to Amoxicillan, I still think that having something explaining this would likely be a good idea, especially for children or when accompanying other conditions that could require medical help. Of course, if your child does not dig the idea of having a temporary tattoo, allergy bracelets are great. (Plus, lots of companies make super fashionable ones, seriously!) It's worth it to at least have one thing to notify potential caregivers of a kid's individual health situation.

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