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6 Natural Hair Dyes That Won’t Break The Bank (Or Put You In A Coma!)

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Dyeing your hair can be a scary thing, what with the chemically-caused downsides ranging from heavy scents and fumes to hair damage to absolutely ridiculous medical consequences. As much as they may want to change their hair's color, many people are finding it difficult to justify the risks and frustrations that accompany most drugstore dye buys. Plenty of folks unfortunately don't realize that there are several all natural hair dye alternatives to the unpleasant, toxic route, as well as healthy and effective aftercare products to keep their locks looking lovely post-coloring.

Personally, I have been an avid dye-hard since I was about twelve (and even before that with temporary streakers and hair tins). My hair was a vivid, bright blue on and off for around seven years — a color not easy to achieve without a considerable amount of chemical assistance. I consistently bleached and processed my hair over and over; since I have quite thick, coarse hair, it never broke off or fell out (thank goodness). However, it also never possessed the beautiful, healthy shine that untouched hair often seems to have, so I recently decided to switch back to my naturally dark brunette hue and use exclusively natural dyes from now on to avoid the chemically-treated dull tone that I've had for so long.

Sometimes organic, all natural hair dye products can get quite expensive, but these items won't burst your budget. In fact, you can even make some of them at home with items you already own! There's a push for better alternatives now more than ever, so there's really no excuse to not pursue a healthier, more eco-friendly hair color solution.

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