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Alicia Silverstone Launches Eco-Friendly Beauty Line That Actually Looks Pretty Great

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Alicia Silverstone Launches Eco Friendly Beauty Line That Actually Looks Pretty Great alicia jpg

Say what you will about Alicia Silverstone‘s recent “baby-birding” kerfuffle, but the fact is that the Clueless star has grown into quite the advocate for animal rights, veganism, and green living; her blog, The Kind Life, has become a go-to resource for moms and non-moms alike, looking for information about products, trends, and news. Which is why I’m actually pretty excited about her new line of eco-friendly beauty products.

Usually, I’m pretty skeptical of celebrity beauty products, perfumes, weight loss or food products, and clothing lines–mostly because celebrities are neither scientists, fashion designers, somaliers, dermatologists, or in any other way qualified to help create stuff. They are just famous people with too many opinions and too little taste (I’m looking at you, Bethenny Frankel, maker of preservative-filled SkinnyGirl “Wine”). But it looks like Silverstone isn’t taking her five-product eco-friendly, vegan beauty line lightly. According to reports, the products have taken a full two years of development to perfect, ostensibly because she is picky and kind of an oddball. Silverstone told WWD the following:

This is who I am. This is not just something I’m slapping my name on. I would never align myself with something that I don’t 100-percent believe in.

Which, while it would be a pain to work with, as a consumer, is quite heartening! Particularly for those who are always on the hunt for organic, lead-free, non-crappy cosmetics that won’t kill you. From perusing the website, it looks like the ingredient lists of the line are all super easy to read, with clear demarkations of organic and sustainably-sourced ingredients–no “natural fragrances” or other weasel descriptions.

The products, which range from pressed powder to lipstick to moisturizer, aren’t super-expensive (they range from $16 to $36, which, considering all the garbage that isn’t in them, is pretty decent) like a their lot of celeb-endorsed, SLS-laden cohorts. Additionally, because of Silverstone’s staunch pro-animal standpoint, the products are vegan and free of animal testing–which, following Lush‘s stunt last week, I think has become a lot more important to a lot of us.

Alicia Silverston, if these products are really as carefully-vetted as you’d have me believe, then way to go. The world needs fewer yucky cosmetics, and you’ve got the ability to push that message. Don’t let me down.

Image via Ulta