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Alicia Silverstone Hasn’t Seen A Doctor In 13 Years — Have You?

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Alicia Silverstone told Us this week that she occasionally cheats on her vegan diet. No big deal. She’s human, and cheese is really good. We get that. What we don’t get is Silverstone’s claim that her diet keeps her so healthy that she hasn’t been to the doctor in 13 years. If that’s true, 13 years strikes us as a really long time to go without even a check up.

Even if we feel healthy, we still find the time to head to our doctors for a physical every so often. After all, some signs of bad health, like high cholesterol, don’t necessarily have obvious symptoms. Do you wait until you feel sick to go to the doctor, or do you go once a year for a check-up? Share your opinion in the comments.

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