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Photoshop Creep: Katy Perry’s Face On Paula Deen’s Head Still Looks Like Paula Deen

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If you put Katy Perry's face on Paula Deen's head, it still looks pretty much just like Paula Deen. I'm not sure who discovered this — it was brought to my attention via Briana via actor George Takei — but since Takei shared it on Facebook an hour ago, it has received 40,969 likes and 12,988 shares.

This amuses me because yesterday, when Carrie posted about Deen's People magazine weight-loss story, all I could focus on was how much Deen looks like Kelly Osbourne on the cover. Observe:

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If you don't think the Osbourne resemblance holds, insert another young, round-faced starlet — Christina Aguilera? Lauren Conrad? The point is, magazine cover beauty standards have gotten to the point where we can scarcely tell the difference between a 66-year-old woman and a 26- or 36-year-old woman. Everyone gets styled, posed and airbrushed into the same small range of acceptable looks, a pictorial shorthand that can automatically convey ‘sexy' or ‘all American' or ‘weight-loss triumph' to anyone familiar with grocery store checkout aisles.

Fitness magazine covers

— Photo via Hanna Brooks Olsen

There's a danger in perpetuating such a narrow range of permissible looks. Sure, any actual cutting and sculpting here is done mostly via the magic of Photoshop, but these things have a way of trickling over.