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Age And Beauty: Women Look Their Best At 31

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Katie Holmes, the height of beauty at 31, according to researchers.

What's better than being 17? Being 31.

There are a lot of reasons to love getting older and wiser, but when it comes to our looks, women always seem to wish they could move backward to their days of wrinkle-free skin and slim teenage bodies, but when British researchers asked over 2,000 people when women are most attractive, more people chose 31 than any other age.

This is great news for women in their early 30's, but what happens when you're past 31? Thankfully, it doesn't seem likely that 31 is just a magic number: The respondents were also asked to define beauty, and 70% said that it's all about being confident; 67% said it's just straight having good looks; 47% added that being stylish is another key ingredient. So while these things might peak for a lot of women at 31, if you can stay confident and stylish, you'll do yourself a big service at any age. (And we happen to believe that aging isn't the death of good looks, either.)

via Telegraph.co.uk