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Acai Superfruit Smoothies From Zola

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Zola Brazilian Superfruit Juice with Acai provides approximately 1200mg Omega 3,6, and 9 Fatty Acids. Acai provides 60% more anti-oxidants than the pomegranate and 500% more than the blueberry. Superfruits acerola, camu camu, graviola, and cupuacu are high in vitamins. Guarana seed is a natural source of caffeine.  All these ingredients are present in the great tasting Zola Acai and Smoothie line.










My family had the opportunity to try the Acai Original, Antioxidant Smoothie, Energy Smoothie, Immunity Smoothie, and Superfood Smoothie. My favorite was the Immunity Smoothie.  The Acai juice has that sweet-tart bite that is similar to the taste of cranberries. The smoothies are sweet, yummy, with a thick, creamy texture. My daughter Sarah, 10, said, “Mom these juices are actually very good. The best you've tested.”  I have to agree with her. These smoothies have the great taste of my favorite Jamba Juice smoothies, but there's no brain-freeze side effect.

I have the opportunity to review a lot of great products. There have only been a few things that I did not like and I realize that taste is subjective. Many healthy juices have a sort of earthy almost dirt-like flavor to them. To get my kids to try them, I had to use them as a base for for frozen smoothies or employ some sort of bribery.  It's hard to get kids to eat healthy foods if they don't taste good. Zola juices do not have that dirt flavor. You will not have to bribe your kids to drink these juices. They will happily drink them on their own.

In addition, Zola created Project Zola to benefit the communities surrounding the area where they harvest the Acai berries. Handcrafted bracelets of dried Azola-bracelet-michellecai berries are strung together into beaded bracelets. Project Zola has been very successful and in 2007, they were able to completely fund the Escola Acaimu School. To purchase one of these stylish bohemian accessories, click here.

Image credit: Michelle Smith